Adding automated minibar fridges in the rooms of your hotel can increase the in room revenue you gain from your guests. When a guest avail of the snack items and drinks in the minibar fridges in their rooms, they’ll be paying for the items which can cost more than the regular price.Look here for more details .

So if you’re hotel rooms don’t have an automated minibar fridge installed yet, here’re three reasons how they can increase your revenue and why you should install one in each room:

1. They provide convenient snack items for guests

Your guests can get hungry at any time they’re staying in your hotel. When this happens, having minibar fridges in each room allows them to have access to food items. Since most people find it more convenient to take items out of the minibar rather than purchasing one from the grocery, it increases the amount you earn from your guests.

2. Automation reduces labor costs

Although traditional minibars can provide you with the same income, they require more manpower to maintain. This increases cost in terms of labor. Automated minibar fridges on the other hand provide accurate report on the items taken and which rooms need refilling.

This minimizes the task of the attendant to that of the rooms which the minibars were opened and snack items were consumed. They no longer need to look into rooms where guests don’t take items from the minibar. In turn, this decreases the manpower required, allowing you to save on labor costs. Aside from that, they allow on time charging, so delayed billing can be avoided.

3. Automated minibar fridges are energy efficient

Another advantage of automated minibar fridges is that they are quite economical in terms of energy efficiency. The thermostats of these machines are automatically regulated, allowing efficient energy consumption. This means that you’re able to save money in energy cost.