For many if not most travel and tour companies, they always come up with packaged holiday vacations or tours.  It will include transportation, accommodation and meals for the locations they have had made arrangements. Taking one of those packages will be one of cheap family holidays that can be enjoyed.


Several travel and tour companies will be offering similar packages and the best thing to do is go for the one that has a good reputation in the business.  Most of them might just be a few dollars more expensive but their customers are fully content with their services.  They provide the extra mile of service for just a little more on cost.


Travel and tours


Businesses that are on travel and tours that are least known can offer packaged holidays way below those who are standard bearers in the industry.  Some might keep true to their promises but there will be also some who just want to get into the thick of it.  Those will be outfits that might not have true or valid ties with transport companies or accommodation places.


The best thing to do is check it out with the transport companies and accommodations if they have valid tie-ups with them.   You would not want spending money for a holiday vacation that might not even come true.


Deal directly


It can happen that travel and tour outfits will have authorized representatives that go around or advertize packaged holidays.  All work on a commission basis and are not employed by the travel and tour companies.  In short, they are mere agents who get bookings for packaged deals.  When in doubt, deal directly with the office of the company.see details here